Wanna join us?

I’ll admit it. I’m a travel junkie.

One place that had been on my bucket list for YEARS was Japan. Yet for a long time, I never took action on making that travel dream a reality.

Whether the timing wasn’t right, I couldn’t get enough time off work or it felt too expensive, there was always a reason as to why I kept putting that trip on the back burner.

But the biggest thing that held me back? Planning it felt REALLY overwhelming.

There were so many things to consider!

  • Out of all the beautiful places in Japan, which ones were most worth seeing?

  • As a vegetarian, how could I find yummy restaurants that could accommodate my dietary restrictions?

  • And let’s not forget about the Japanese language whose characters are so wildly different than the English alphabet...how would I get around once I was there?

Ugh, it was too exhausting to even think about.

Then a couple of years ago as I was watching a Japanese film, I realized that I didn’t want to wait any longer.

I needed to visit the temples in Kyoto! I needed to walk the hidden alleyways in Tokyo! I needed to pet the deer in Nara!

So what did I do? I started researching.

I’d look at beautiful pictures of the buddhas and the architecture. Read articles about cool things to experience. Get excited about my vegetarian food options. And begin tuning into what got the butterflies in my stomach fluttering.

I also joined a tour group, so that I could have a guide on my journey, and share my experiences with others who were just as excited about Japan as I was.

You know what else?

Discovering and living your life’s purpose can be just like planning a big trip.

It involves:

  • Getting really clear on what choices work best for YOU.

  • Seeing what’s been holding you back from moving forward on these things.

  • Understanding what it is that you need and how to give that to yourself.

  • And then taking action to make it happen!

Sometimes having a guide can get you where you want to go MUCH quicker and easier than if you were doing it all on your own.

And sometimes it can be helpful to surround yourself with other people who are on the same journey as you, because they KNOW what you’re going through and have your back along the way.

THEREFORE, (drum roll, please!) I’d like to invite you to a free Facebook community that I just started, called SPARK YOUR BRAVERY.

Because it's private, it creates a safe space for women who are really ready to start living their lives on purpose to get engage more freely about what they're thinking, feeling anxious about and what's been holding them back, and to give and get support on these issues.

In the group, I share more personal stories from my own journey of going from feeling burnt out, hopeless and confused, to living my purpose. Additionally, I dive deeper into topics that matter most to this community.

If this sounds good to you, then come on over and join us! If you have any questions, reply to this message to send them my way.

I hope to see you on the inside!

Denise Csaky