Other people's opinions of you are a reflection of themselves.

Have you ever felt anxious about what other people think of you? Maybe you've even tried to control it a little bit, so that they think you're a good person; that you're funny, smart or whatever your desired perception is. Then, have you noticed that you feel great or crummy depending on what you believe they're thinking? My hunch is that we've all been there...

Why do we do that? Trying to take responsibility for how others label us. What others think of us is often out of our control. And more likely than not, it's colored by what they've experienced in their own lives—what they've been taught is right or wrong, and many times influenced by who they wish they could be—or conversely, who they DON'T want to be!

Here's a self-love moment. Give yourself a break from these things you can't manage. Relax into what is and who you are. Let others be how they are, just as you'd like for them to accept your true nature as well. You deserve that gift. We all do.

Denise Csaky