Radically shift how you show up in the world

In your relationships, at work and especially, in the mirror


Let’s face it, sister—your light’s a little dim right now.

You’ve been schlepping your way through life, people pleasing, saying “yes” when you really mean “no,” and making all kinds of compromises.

You’ve been ignoring your gut for too long. Pretending that all-knowing seer called your intuition doesn’t exist. As if it doesn’t mean anything when you get that twist in your stomach.

Like the ripples of energy that run through your fingertips when you get a beautiful spark of an idea…as if it’s just that: an idea. Like it’ll pass. Like it doesn’t matter.

Well I’m here to remind you that it DOES matter.


How would it feel if your new mission gave you as much energy as your morning coffee?


Picture This:

  • You wake up before the alarm goes off, actually excited to start the day.

  • Your lunch is healthy and nutritious. B.C. (Before Coaching) you’d choose something carby and indulgent in an attempt to get some kind of pleasure from your frustrating day, only to crave a chocolate chip cookie at 3pm.

  • It’s quitting time but because your work feeds you, you still have energy to spare for working out, then grabbing dinner with a friend.

  • Brushing your teeth before bed, you feel overjoyed thinking about how lucky you are to be doing what you love for WORK—and get paid for it! You catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and notice that you’re smiling.


Does “living your dream life” sound wildly optimistic?

Well, it’s not—it’s completely doable and I’m going to show you how

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Ignite your Life Program


This system helps you get clarity on what you want, break free from what’s holding you back and create a plan for confidently beginning your dream life.


Through a combination of personalized 1:1 sessions, a good dose of old-fashioned homework (the soulful & satisfying kind—no math skills required) and plenty of guidance, you'll go from feeling faded, exhausted and this-close to burnout, to empowered, lit up and energized!

You’ll remember how to nourish yourself—physically, spiritually and financially.

And you’ll develop the self-awareness to make unapologetically authentic choices and turn your dream into a reality.


Your wild authentic self is about to become unleashed. Empowered. Free.

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You’re about to see radical shifts, in all areas of your life


This is a safe space to be you. To discover that woman hiding under layers of chaos and compromise. This is your time to explore your wildness, remember your dreams and craft a thoughtful (and practical!) plan to bring them to life.

Here’s what the process looks like:


Connect to YOU

So that you can easily and intentionally make choices based on what makes YOU happy


Create your vision

Reconnect to the dream you’ve buried away, and let that passion pull you into making it happen


Clear The Path

Change your mindset, and remove the stressors that have been holding you back


Gather Your Resources

To get your life back into balance, get clear about what you need, and give it to yourself


Draw Your Map

So that you can schedule and commit to the most direct path to your destination


Staying CLEAR & BRAVE Forever

Use your new enthusiasm and insights to build a healthy momentum as you continue to walk the path of profound purpose and bravery


Client Love

Rachel Petzold.jpg
Denise will always be my first choice for coaching me to great things!

I am especially fond of the outcomes of our talks where I have practical applications of simple thought changes to live a happier life. These have made a huge difference in my self-confidence and personal contentment. I also find my connections to the people I love are more balanced and positive for all involved.
Rachel P. | Senior Product Manager at Starbucks
Her talent is so evident in her ideas, interpretations and perspectives. Denise will offer a suggestion that feels like an insight. It always has light attached, meaning it feels like a brief moment of awakening. And, more importantly, it is an insight that always feels personal to me and my situation. I never feel that she is using a ‘tool box’ approach. These thoughts she expresses are meaningful, and authentic.
Ellen S. | Principal, Cornelia International
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Kara Hamada.JPG
She continues to help strengthen and enable me in all aspects of my life: career, personal, and spiritual. Denise is caring, compassionate and thoroughly interested in helping her clients unearth a deeper, wonderful connection with themselves.

I highly recommend Denise for everyone wanting to live a life filled with joy, understanding and balance. The many “aha!” moments I have in every session along with the unwavering clarity she helps me find, is something I can never thank her enough for.
Kara H. | Founder of Core Paws, Inc.

Discover who you are after years of chaos and compromise

It's time to explore your dreams


Want to learn more?


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P.S. Here’s some real talk, from me to you. I know you might be scared to book a call with me.

That while you get butterflies in your stomach at the thought of doing something you’ve always fantasized about...

...you’re also afraid you won’t be able to make a change...that it’ll be too hard...that you’re too old...or that you’ll lose people or be judged.

But book the call anyway.

Give yourself the chance to see whether or not the beliefs you have about what’s possible for you are actually true. To feel certain about whether you’re genuinely OK with being in this same place one year from now, or if you're just anxious about trying something new.

It’s not too late to make a change and I promise that you can do it, if it’s what you want. You deserve to know for sure. Let’s see if we can create your Firefly Moment together.


Client Love

Denise is a dynamic coach: She asks focused, pertinent questions; she listens actively; she is present and on-task. I find her to be in her element..such a natural at coaching.
Barbara D. | San Diego, CA
Cindy Nowack.JPG
Denise is so helpful at asking the tough questions that make me really think. Recently, I felt “stuck” in life. I’ve been dreaming of certain things, but didn’t find the time or have the willpower to make it happen.

Thanks to Denise and her valuable coaching, I am taking steps to make those dreams happen and have learned things about myself that will help me continue to move forward. I highly recommend Denise to help you move forward toward the life you should be living.
Cindy N. | Marketing Communications

it’s Time to love your life!

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