Anger & Sadness

Anger and sadness are two sides of the same coin.

Do you find yourself furious over something you can't digest? Or have you been feeling really sad and can't seem to pop out of your funk?

Take a second and see if the opposite emotion is there, underneath the one you keep experiencing.

If you've been down, what about the situation makes you really MAD? If you've been pissed off, what is making your heart hurt? 💔

Exploring how it is that you're feeling at this deeper level, will let you see things in a new light, help you process your emotions and finally get the breakthrough you've been hoping for!

Reignite Your Spark is my 50-minute personal session that starts with an assessment (taken in advance) which pinpoints what's keeping you stuck and stopping you from going after what you want.

With this information, we'll create some clear action steps you can take IMMEDIATELY, to feel empowered, free and ready for action.

It will put some power behind your New Year's resolutions, and help make them happen!

If you’re thinking, “Yes! That’s what I want!” Then click here to learn more.

Denise Csaky