Drop the “coulda, woulda, shoulda” and
start living your best life

Zero apologies, Zero holding back


No more ms. nice girl. No more overruling your gut instinct.

it’s time for you to walk your path.


Ignite Your Life Purpose


An 8-week course designed to help you upgrade from feeling like life's a chore, to FINALLY living your purpose with clarity + confidence

Ignite Your Life Program

1:1 Coaching Program

Connect with what you truly desire and move from feeling faded, exhausted and burnt out, to empowered, lit up and MOBILIZED!


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There is something that feels quite magical about the way Denise has coached me; somehow through her expertise, I find myself making decisions and feeling self-confidence that I didn’t know I had.

Denise provides insight, but mostly she allows me to connect with my intuition so that I can come up with my own answers. I am dialing in to my own sense of purpose and finding my own way. I feel empowered after every session!
Abbie H. | Animal Welfare Professional
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Rachel Petzold.jpg
Do you know how it feels when your best friend sets you straight on something? Every time I talk through an interesting challenge with her, Denise helps me untangle underlying fear, long held misconceptions about myself and makes taking care of me feel right and true.
Rachel P. | Senior Product Manager, Starbucks
Denise has such a lovely, kind-hearted and effective way of inviting me into my truest heart’s desire. She helps clear out the mental clutter and get down to what’s most important so that I can live from my most loving and authentic self.

Thank you, Denise!
Erin D | Clinical Psychotherapist
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