Be where you are.

I've been feeling tired and a bit overwhelmed this week (hence the silence on social). I've started many posts, but struggled with finding the inspiration to write something meaningful. Which of course, felt frustrating and made me feel even more exhausted. Now Friday is here (yay!) and I'm using this weekend to feed my soul and fill up my tank.

During times when I seem to have an endless list of to-dos which all seem like a priority, it's time for me to be honest about what my real priorities are—the ones that are visible and on the surface, but especially the hidden ones which, let's face it, are really running the show. Recognizing what these are, I pick the top two or three, handle those, and let the rest go. (Side note: self-care is a super top priority, especially in times of depletion!)

Allow yourself to be where you are. Accept how you're feeling and bow to that. Give yourself what you need, and you'll bounce back re-energized before you know it.

Denise Csaky