Leave some room for magic

"Resign from the idea that you need to be The Grand Master of the Universe." One of my former coaches from many years ago would tell me this—and it's such a powerful lesson. 👊

Do you ever get so burnt out and drained because you feel like you have to take care of everything yourself? (And you actually TRY to handle it all?)

Be honest: Do you at least semi-believe that if you find the right angle, you can control the outcome to a challenging situation?

If you're an ambitious go-getter, you WANT to make things happen. You want to take care of people and situations, and you want the best outcomes possible. You're passionate and creative and generous so it's totally natural for your to feel this way!

The thing is, there will almost always be other people or elements involved in your scenario, over which you have no control.

Don't get me wrong—I'm not suggesting you just stay in bed and give up all your efforts. Accomplishment is a mix of taking action and letting go!

But what would happen if you could just leave some room for unexpected influences? For...magic, if you will. Or others' free will? An unforeseen change?

How would finding this release lower your stress-levels? And how would less stress impact your life—and also the way you handle this situation?

Just wondering...😉

Denise Csaky