It's time to make a new choice.

Oftentimes, we know that we need to make a new choice because we're not happy with our current situation. But how do we begin to make this change?

Before we can even take any action, we need to get clear on what it is that we REALLY want. Once we know where we want to go, we can then begin moving in that direction.

Use this weekend to dream. Do something you LOVE, and while you're in that state of joy, allow yourself (without judgement) to brainstorm about what kind of life you wish was yours.

By the way, NOTHING is off the table during a brainstorming session! Nothing is unrealistic or impossible. Just allow your thoughts to go where they will.

Where do you live? What are you doing for work? How do you FEEL? What does your day look like?

Paint a picture in your mind, with as many specifics as you can come up with. Write down your vision, and hold onto it!

Denise Csaky