Change equals freedom!

The time has come. You haven't been happy with a situation in your life for quite some time now, and you're sick of complaining about it. Heck, your friends and family (love you as they do ๐Ÿ’— ) are even tired of hearing about it!

You've tried making an attitude adjustment to accept things as they are. But it's JUST NOT WORKING. This issue is so out of alignment with what you believe, who you are and what you want, that you know something's GOTTA give.

So then why can it be so hard to make a change?!

Change can be a lot of things: scary, overwhelming, difficult and exhausting are a few words that come to mind. But what about: fortunate, freedom and adventure?

FORTUNATE: Thank goodness you don't have to deal with managing that team anymore. What a blessing! Hooray for no longer having to shovel snow all winter long, now that you live in San Diego (a personal example from my own life ๐Ÿ˜‰)

FREEDOM: Guess what? You're letting go of what made you so miserable before. You're free! Can you feel the appreciation of this new opportunity wash over you? Think of all the things you can let go of, and rejoice!

ADVENTURE: Instead of letting the adjustments of your new life drain you, how can you see them as being fun? If you're moving to a new neighborhood, how fun would it be to try a new local restaurant every Friday and find your new favorite spots? If you're embarking on a new exercise routine, what kind of activities, music or other elements that you enjoy can you add in to make your workout feel less like a chore?

Adopting this #perspectiveflip can really ramp up your energy for a smoother, quicker and HAPPIER transition. What do you thinkโ€”wouldn't that be great?

Denise Csaky