What does joy feel like in your body?

Tonight is Christmas Eve and also the first night of Hanukkah. What is it about this time of the year that makes it seem more magical than others?

Perhaps the season's focus on love and gratitude keeps these emotions front and center for a couple of weeks. Maybe it's because we actually take the time to celebrate wondrous things--something we don't do every day. We slow down and spend quality time with friends and family. We decorate to make our surroundings more beautiful, prepare meals with TLC, listen to music that only gets played once a year and give more than usual to those we care about.

For many of us, this season is one of great joy.

As you're enjoying your festivities, give yourself the gift of awareness. When you're overtaken by bliss and peace, what physical sensations are you noticing? What's happening in your body?

Jot this down--even if it's on the back of a receipt or in your phone.

Personally, I get a tingly, lightheaded pressure in my head, goosebumps on my skin, butterflies in my stomach and feeling of excited anticipation. What kinds of sensations are present for you?

Once you identify what your body feels during these times, take note when you feel these sensations again at a later point!

Whatever is going on when you feel this, whatever you're thinking about, is something you need to pay attention to. That is the thing you need to learn more about. That's the decision you need to make. That's the path you need to take. As you continue to make choices based on these feelings, you'll create a life that you love, step-by-step.

Denise Csaky