When your life looks like Groundhog's Day...

Have you ever noticed that when you’re feeling frazzled and have a ton on your plate, that all your attention goes to putting out fires?

I know that when MY life starts looking like this, I feel like I’m just spinning my wheels and not moving forward. At all.

Pretty soon, my life looks like Groundhog’s Day, where I spend all my time handling emergencies.

This is SO draining! And I get totally derailed from working on my goals, i.e. the things I REALLY want to create which are key to my long-term happiness and success.

Finding balance gets me back on track. When I stop, take a breath and readjust my focus, I remember that there are so many other beautiful and fulfilling pieces of my life that I had been neglecting.

When I give those areas some TLC, the part I’ve been so focused on loses its stranglehold on me, and I can see the big picture again.

How can you shift your focus this weekend, back to something you’ve been ignoring? Let it be something that makes you feel good.

Denise Csaky