How coaching changed my life.


In 2003, I went through a particularly rough breakup. The kind that leaves you feeling bad for your friends, who lovingly stick around through your tears and monopolized conversations.

After months of stuckness, I was desperate to get out of the city. I searched for a weekend retreat that would give me a break from my everyday thoughts, and serendipitously ended up at a workshop led by the late Debbie Ford. It offered me my first taste of coaching and forever changed my life.

Long story short, I hired my first coach. He helped me see things from an objective perspective, and understand why I was being triggered by this situation (and hence, unable to move forward) and what I needed to learn to let it go. He gave me tools to heal from my pain, and create a strong platform upon which I continued to grow.

As I felt newfound feelings of freedom, peace, clarity and (dare I say) JOY, I was *beyond* grateful for the invaluable gift I had received. My life had been SO altered. And this liberation, self-awareness and strength is what I strive to create with my clients in our work together. 

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Denise Csaky