The life-changing magic of a perspective flip

I had a really powerful session with my coach yesterday. (Yes, coaches have coaches too!) She asked me to do an exercise that I’ve done MANY times over the years—one in which I was to write a letter which will never be sent.

As she suggested it, there was a split second when I wondered whether I’d get any new insights from doing it again. However I’m one to trust the process so I started writing, curious to see what would happen.

The first part of the exercise went just as I expected. My letter contained more of the same stuff I’d written before. 

But as we dove into my words together, that good old coaching magic started to happen.

  • I made SEVERAL realizations that I hadn’t before, which made me feel empowered, energized and excited.

  • I got clarity on a few things that had been eating away at me.

  • I became more confident in my path forward and was able to put down some heavy things that I’d been mentally carrying around.

After this energetic shift, I was able to see another challenge I was facing from a different perspective, and take action on it in a way that felt really good and right. Hooray!

There’s something so powerful about the objective perspective that deep coaching offers. For me, it’s like a clearing away of all the fears, uncertainties and my own biased opinions—to reveal the Truth of what’s going on. It’s then time for me to take action on my new discoveries, and create the life I want, step by step.

If you’re curious about experiencing this for yourself, I invite you to a powerful complimentary call with me, to get you moving forward wherever you’re feeling stuck.

Looking forward to connecting with you,

Denise Csaky