Light your fire. You have the match.

We all have a gift to share. The beautiful thing is that not only does what we have to offer help others, but WE feel so good when we give it. We're reminded of our value and importance, and feel like we're making a difference. We feel energized, alive and gratified!

It's interesting though—often times, we don't even recognize our gift, because it comes so easily to us. It feels so natural. We don't see it as anything unique, because we assume that everyone else also possesses this same skill. I mean, this must be true, right? Since we can do this thing without much effort? It must be like this for everyone else as well (we think to ourselves...)

But that's exactly how you can identify your gift, dear one. It's easy. It's a part of who you are. And of course, we all have different strengths. Wouldn't it be amazing if we all contributed what we had to offer?

What is the greatness inside of you that's waiting to be expressed? What can you do to light your own match?

Denise Csaky