Pssst...want to create more time and energy for yourself?

Here's a riddle for you: What do all of the following have in common?

  • A decision that you have to make, and which you've been ruminating over for DAYS

  • An unresolved fight that you've had with your best friend which is causing a lot of tension in your life

  • A promise you made several weeks ago to take your daughter to the zoo...which you haven't done yet

Before I tell you the answer to this riddle, think about these three scenarios and imagine how each one would make you feel.

Is it tired? Annoyed? Frustrated? A little sad? Like you're sick of dealing with this situation and just wish it would go away?

Consider how much time you'd spend just THINKING about these situations. How much time you'd spending TALKING about them to your friends, to your partner or to yourself (#kiddingnotkidding)

Are you feeing drained yet?

If yes, then I'm not surprised. The thing that each of these three situations have in common is that they're all, what I call, Energy Leaks.

An Energy Leak is whatever you're upset or stressed about for an extended period of time, and which takes up negative space in your mind and in your heart.

It's some form of unfinished business, or some kind of open loop which continues to make you feel bad.

It's a minor thing that uses up a lot of your time and energy, but which doesn't help you get any closer to something you want.

The thing is, we all only have a certain amount of time and energy that we can use toward ALL the things we need to get done.

Finding the time to build your side business on weekends? The time and energy you'd put into that come from the same pool of time and energy that you have for working out, cleaning your home, visiting your family, or doing homework for the business class you're taking.

So how the heck do you ever manage to get ANYTHING done?

You need to clean up your Energy Leaks, Firefly!

Once you do that, you can funnel ALL that time and energy into something else...

Something POSITIVE...

Something that you INTENTIONALLY CHOOSE, instead of a fire that you have to put out.

Here's how you can reclaim this time and energy for yourself.

  1. Get clear on what you WANT to create. Pick a long-term goal that lights you up!

  2. Identify the BIGGEST Energy Leak that you have in your life right now.(This shouldn't be too hard to do since you're probably already thinking about it a lot...)

  3. Do whatever you need to in order to plug up your Energy Leak. I won't lie, this could be challengingotherwise, there's a good chance you would have done it already! If you're feeling some resistance, connect to your long-term goal from Step 1, and imagine about how GREAT it will feel once you've reached it. Let the vision of that motivate you to take action.

P.S. If you LOVE doing this kind of personal growth work and you're ready to finally take action on living your purpose, I can help. Get on my calendar for a chat here.

Denise Csaky