What's the first thing you drop when you get busy?

Ok, admit it. Have you ever gotten so focused on one area of your life that another one gets a little neglected? Or maybe there are even several areas that get completely pushed aside?

I definitely fall into this cycle.

There's an exercise I like to do with my coaching clients, in which we take a look at the eight different components of a healthy, fulfilling and happy life.

Here they are:

  1. Personal development,
  2. Spiritual awareness,
  3. Fun,
  4. Relationships (both intimate and social),
  5. Health,
  6. Personal finance,
  7. Career and
  8. Family.

Which one do you ignore the most?

The category that I'm most guilty of dropping is FUN. I'll get so wrapped up in work and the stuff of every day life, that I *forget* to get out into my community and play.

And guess what? Apparently, I'm not the only one.

In my recent conversations, I've learned that for so many of us, fun is the first thing that falls away when we get busy.

Why is this?

Fun is where the magic happens! Playtime is energizing and inspiring. It feeds creativity and banishes stress. With less stress, you have more energy. With more energy and positive vibes, individual challenges seem less significant.

What's not to love about having fun?

Do we feel bad taking time to do something we enjoy? Are we so singularly focused on a goal that we try to create as much space for it in our lives as possible?

Or are we just living our lives on autopilot, fulfilling one obligation after another, forgetting that there is ANOTHER WAY to live? That life is meant to be more than one never-ending chore?

Let me ask you this: Have you ever been so wiped out, then after some time off you come back with fresh ideas, excitement and motivation? And you feel GREAT?

I have.

Being off-center is so draining. It's like pulling a cart with a bent wheel. How much more effort would it take to pull that cart, than one with a perfectly round wheel? I'm exhausted just thinking about it...

Life is SO much easier when you're in balance.

With that in mind, I'm curious: What would change for you if you remembered that having fun can actually make you more productive? What non-essential task can you put aside in order to work some pleasure into your day?

Denise Csaky