Just say "no."

"On the way to making your dreams a reality, one of your greatest tools will be the word 'no.'" ~ Yung Pueblo

As women, it can be hard to say “no.” For me, the closer I am with someone, the more challenging this can be.

A lot of us have been conditioned to feel like if we don't do what's expected of us, then it's wrong, that we're bad, and maybe even that we'll lose approval and love from those we care about. (To this last point, perhaps we've even EXPERIENCED this to be true.)

But if you're reading this, I think you may be like me. That you can only put yourself aside for just so long. That you've realized that you'll never feel at peace until you go after your dreams and bring them to life.

Keep your eye on the prize and focus your time and energy on what you want. You'll be OK—more than OK! You will flourish and it will be worth it.

Denise Csaky