if you don’t wake up inspired, excited & itching to get to work, something’s wrong.

let’s change that.

Denise Csaky | certified life purpose coach for women


Baby, there’s brilliance in you.

But a long time ago, way before you were walking, talking, going to work and paying a mortgage, someone told you otherwise. Your best friend. Your guidance counselor. Your Uncle Jon. Someone

So instead of leaning into that risky creative career, you said “yes” to the first well-paying corporate job offered to you. You know…the one that made your parents proud.

You settled.

You made thousands of tiny compromises, resulting in a lifetime of living up to others people’s expectations. A lifetime of following someone else’s dreams.

But it's time. 

It’s time to consciously create a life based on YOUR definition of success. No more “shoulds.” No more “what ifs.”

Your purpose-driven life is about to begin.


Hey there, I'm Denise.

I’m here to guide you to your Firefly Moment—that moment when the noise stops and everything around you becomes still, just for a second.

In that moment, however brief, you get a glimpse of your own greatness.

Flashes of insight come crashing through. You know what you need to do. Your life’s purpose—that dream you tucked away so deep in your heart that even YOU couldn’t see it—becomes clear in an instant.

This isn’t business training.

Nor will I tell you to leave your job or move across the country (though you might...I did!).

It’s about living your life as your wild, unapologetically authentic self.



do you feel frazzled & exhausted? let’s change that, pronto.

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